Merits of Assignment

Merits of Altech Engineer Assignment

Pioneer in engineer assignment

Altech Corporation was founded in 1968 as Matsui Design Office. Since then, we have been a pioneer in engineer assignment which emphasizes technical ability.
Our business scale and total corporate ability is among the top class in our industry.

Altech engineers are permanent employees

Altech engineers are permanent employees who are assigned as engineers.
This enables them to provide clients with stable technical support.

Groups of high-level industrial engineers who clear a path for the future

We provide outstanding technical services to clients in the fields of product development and design.

Altech engineers possess human skills

In addition to technical skills, Altech engineers possess high-level human skills.

Reduce the burden of training fees and period on clients

Altech engineers are assigned when needed by clients. This reduces the cost of clients cultivating their own engineers and shortens the training period.

Matching with optimal engineer

We use an engineer database with information such as years of experience, skills and fields of expertise in order to assign the optimal engineer based on client needs.

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