Corporate Philosophy

Altech Corporation Values the Bond between People.

‘Heart to Heart’

Every heart to heart relationship between human beings only develops from serious study and contemplation of other peoples’ feelings. It is difficult and time consuming to grasp the truth of other people. The more aggressive you are in finding the truth about yourself, the more serious you are about understanding and meeting the needs of others.

Management which respects employee’s personality does not flatter or accept sub standard employee performance but disciplines them with a heart to heart relationship. Be brave to discipline persons with a heart to heart relationship. Then, be honest in complementing the persons’ success. Set yourself free from grudges, prejudice, or jealousy. This is a basic practice of management philosophy which applies to the whole community of human beings.

Respect every heart to heart relationship and recognize that any prosperity of a community or a corporation and any mental growth of an individual are all dependent on human relationships. Contemplate what the truth is, which you will see in another person’s kindness or in friendship with others for example. Discipline yourself to recognize the truth of people. Then, deliver your technical expertise to your important customers consistent with this corporate mission.

The phrase “Heart to Heart” summarizes our corporate management philosophy.


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