Matsui Design Office was founded in Kanagawa Prefecture.
The 1st five-year plan, "Develop the Company", was started.

1971 January

Matsui Design Office was renamed and incorporated as a private limited company, Altech Inc., with capital fund of one million yen.

1973 July The 2nd five-year plan, "Increase business with prime customers and maintain internal capital",was started.
1978 July The 3rd five-year plan, "Implement an Institutionalization of the Company and Improve Technical Capabilities", was started.
1981 March Reorganized Altech Corporation into a publicly traded company
1983 July Started the fourth five-year plan, "To be an international company and development human resources.
1986 April Established an affiliate company, "Technical Training Center Co., Ltd." 
1988 April
Started the fifth five-year plan, "Restructuring of the organization and developing the company's own technology."
Established Tateshina Techno Park in Nagano Prefecture.

Adopted a divisional organization structure to utilize profit center management and accounting systems.

1993 July Started the sixth five-year plan, "Nurture high-quality human resources for the high-quality company."
1996 June Altech is listed on the OTC market of the Japan Securities Dealers Association.
Increased the capital to 832 million yen.
July Increased the capital to 1502 million yen.
1998 April Started the seventh five-year plan, "Restructuring the our business field and our core competence."
December Incorporated Altech Taiwan Co., Ltd. in Taiwan as a wholly owned affiliate of Altech Corporation.
1999 October
Established the Utsunomiya Laboratory in Tochigi Prefecture.
2000 September Listed on the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
2001 July
Constructed a new headquarters' building at Nishi-Hashimoto, Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
2003 July Started the eighth five-year plan, "Creation of new corporate value."
2004 December Listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
2005 July Introduced the central organization structure to upgrade our risk management capabilities.
2007 March Incorporated Altech Qingdao Co.,Ltd in China as an affiliate of Altech Corporation
July Established ALPS Education & Development Center (Qingdao) in China
2008 July Started the ninth five-year plan,"Leap to Leading Company."
2009 January Incorporated Altech Forest Corporation.
2010 March Established Altech Shanghai Co., Ltd. (China) in Shanghai.
2011 March Moved the headquarters to Yokohama.
2012 August Established Alps Career Designing Corporation in Tokyo.
2013 July Started the tenth five-year plan, “Expand Corporate Scale through Innovation”
- Accelerating growth as we move toward our 50th anniversary -
2014 December Altech Corporation to sell its entire shares in Altech Forest Corporation to OIZUMI Corporation.
2015  April Opened Yangon Branch in Myanmar.
2016  September Acquired 100% ownership of PANA R&D CO., LTD.
(Capital amount : 310 million yen)

Alps Business Service Corporation merged with Alps Career Designing Corporation.
2017  September Divided Nagoya Office into Nagoya Office Ⅰ and Nagoya Office Ⅱ.
Opened Himeji Office.
2018 April Established Agri&Care Corporation in Kanagawa.
(Capital amount : 100 million yen)
July Started the eleventh five-year plan, “Reinvestment of management resources towards the era of the New Industrial Revolution”
September Constructed a new building, "Altech Corporation Building No.2" .
2020 May Acquired an interest in DONKEY Corporation (currently an affiliate company) through underwriting of third-party allocation of new shares.
July Acquired 100% ownership of Digital Spice Corporation. (Capital amount: 27.5 million yen)
October Established ALPSGIKEN MYANMAR CO., LTD. in Yangon, Myanmar, as a wholly owned affiliate of Altech Corporation. Capitalization: US$ 200,000 (including capital reserves)
2021 July Renamed the subsidiary Agri&Care Corporation to “Alps Agri Career Corporation” .

Established the subsidiary Alps Care Heart with a capitalization of 100 million yen.
2022 February Made "DONKEY Corporation" (affiliated company ) a consolidated subsidiary
April Transitioned to the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
2023 April Conducted a company split, whereby consignment department of subsidiary, PANA R&D CO., LTD. to by its consolidated company, Degital Spice Coporation.
And Altech Corporation merged with PANA R&D CO., LTD. other than the consignment department.
July Started the twelfth five-year plan, “Utilizing Technology to Challenge Partners in a Co-Creative Society”

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