Corporate Ethics/Compliance

Altech Credo for Corporate Ethics
(constituted on 20 August 2003)

Altech’s “Credo for Corporate Ethics” is a credo to comply with in daily business practices. All the board members and employees have acknowledged that an awareness of company environment and social responsibility, a compliance with laws, regulations and rules, and actively observing social ethics are indispensable for our company’s stable growth following the corporate mission. All the board members and employees are striving to create a consciousness of the importance of implementing the credo and behavior strictly observing our “Code of Conduct”with more concrete directions.

■ Credo for Corporate Ethics

  1. Always remain trustworthy by carrying out “Heart to Heart” philosophy

    We strive to constantly earn and maintain the trust of society and our customers. We respect every heart to heart relationship and recognize that any prosperity of a community or a corporation, any mental growth of an individual, and any development of a technology are all dependent on human relationships. We view a corporation as a mental training field for the purpose of self fulfillment where we discipline ourselves and make efforts to build a corporate self decisive and independent personality. We work hard together and execute our corporate mission in good faith.

  2. Comply with laws and regulations and social ethics through self control

    We expand corporate activities with commonsense and by observing international or domestic laws and regulations, social rules, and corporate policies. We constantly monitor our activities for compliance with our management philosophy, social commonsense and natural law.

  3. Respect other people using a “People Make Future” philosophy

    We interpret a “People Make Future” philosophy as “People grow Business and Business grows People” being a fundamental corporate belief. We respect each individual’s personality and character and ensure a sound working environment without discrimination where we are able to work in peace and safety.

  4. Contribute to the local community and environmental conservation

    We stay aware of environmental conservation and safety to furnish society with techniques, products, and thoughtful services. We contribute to the development of society by keeping close contacts with our local communities through volunteer activities providing business skills, knowledge, and personnel even beyond our business purposes.

  5. Prioritize stake-holders first with respect and gratitude

    We maintain solid and friendly relationships with our customers, shareholders, and business partners by our constant efforts to enhance communications with respect and gratitude.

  6. Ethical and fair activities without compromise

    We perform fair and honest activities under our management philosophy without emotional decisions or quality compromises. We respect our stake-holders privacy and business practices. We never reveal any confidential information of third parties obtained through our corporate activities nor access illegally any intellectual assets or violate anyone’s rights. We always maintain our sound and fair corporate culture by disclosing our corporate information positively and appropriately.

  7. Avoid and eliminate any ties with anti-social parties

    We make all-out efforts to avoid or break ties with and refuse firmly demands from every party and individual who might offend public order or a corporation’s sound activities.

■ Code of Conduct Outline

  1. Comply with laws, regulations, and social ethics 

  2. Contribute to environmental conservation and local society

  3. Prioritize stake-holders first

  4. Integrity and fairness


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