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Established in 1986 as the personnel development division of Altech Corporation, Alps Business Service Corporation will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2016. The company fulfills a role in the staffing business of the Altech Corporation Group. Alps Business Service works hard to support working people and to realize a society in which people can work positively. Currently, the three main businesses of Alps Business Service are staffing solutions, welfare solutions and education solutions.
Through contracting and assignment of staff to manufacturers, the staffing solutions business provides technical and administrative staffing services which span from design to after sales service. The welfare solutions business conducts training for cultivating nursing care staff, assignment of nursing care staff and introduction of nursing care facilities to residents. The education solutions business conducts working professional training and technical training for new employees and mid-career employees who are entering the Altech Corporation Group, as well as training for external corporations.
As a member of the Altech Corporation Group, Alps Business Service strives to support workers in local society and to bring together workers and clients through high-quality and diverse total staffing services.


Company Profile
・Trade Name
Alps Business Service Corporation
Altech Corporation Building No.2
1-16-18,Nishihashimoto,Midori-ku,Sagamihara-Shi,Kanagawa 252-0131
April, 1986
100 million yen (100% invested by Altech Corporation)
Akira Kouno
Business Activities ■Staffing Solutions (assignment/contracting in technical/administrative fields)
■Education Solutions (working professional/technical training for new employees and mid-career employees)

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